BEBE Books, WELL*-Summer

12.08. – 29.08.2021

Team Bebe will present a selection of their finest, trashiest publications and video registration of their latest project about the queer history of the opera. Besides this, Bebe is inviting internet bimbo and fashion designer Tina Sabrina Joyce to present and perform her new SS2022 shoe collection. One size fits all! As icing on the cake, Bebe has a surprise guest reading performance by a very surprising performer.

This exhibition is part of the WELL*-Summer at Ebertplatz.

Program DO 12.08.:

17h Exhibition openings:
GOLD+BETON: Melo Börner / Maria Renee Morales Garcis / Lukasz Horbow / Camilo Sandoval
COMMUNITY OF COLOGNE: bebe books, Abdoul Karim Martens
MOUCHES VOLANTES: René Buttermann invited by Dobstroh & Guests

18h Poetry Project: Stamina – Reading and Booklaunch of the writing project with young people under the direction of Julia König)

19h Introducing Dobstroh: Prep-Talk – Performative introduction to the project Limiting Factor”.
a cooperation between Rheinraum e.V. Düsseldorf and Mouches Volantes from the performance collective DOBSTROH and guests

20h Performance Maria Renee Morales Garcia

21h Performance bebe books

Please note the new corona rules as posted on site!

In the context of *WELL am Ebertplatz.

Translated with (free version)

BEBE Books queers spaces around the world by organising and curating LGBTQ+ friendly events and supporting promising artists and collectives. Bebe’s mission is to build a safe space harmonising pleasure, arts, and education. Besides their curatorial practice, they travel with their fanzine collection to connect, communicate, and unite with other people.

Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Stiftung Kunstfonds, Neustart Kultur