DEMASK Kollektiv, Queer Black Their-Story Month

1.2. – 7.3.2021


February is Black History Month. Or better: Queer Black Their-Story Month! The intersec- tional BPoC collective DEMASK is celebrating the whole month with a friendly takeover of Die Gemeinde Köln. Accompanied by their friends – other groups, artists, and activists – they will curate a month full of queer Black surprises. An intersectional intervention – educational, overdue, fabulous.

Originally invented in the United States, the celebration of the month of February as “Black History Month” is meant to highlight iconic Black figures within a largely white washed history. Black history, narratives and voices are diverse, their identities and positions entangled in many ways and their possibilities endless. Through a friendly take-over of the Gemeinde Köln, we, the intersectional, queer-feminist BPoC Collective DEMASK, want to call for a “Queer Black Their-Story Month”! Taking up (public) space during social distancing is quite a complex endeavor, but even without bodily proximity, we are here (digitally/online), because we have always been here. This #QBTM is curated by DEMASK and its friends of different activist and/or artistic backgrounds. Things will be exhibited, put up, left, recorded, taken and taken over…so tune in to our and our partners’ Instagram all throughout February!

DEMASK (@demask_clgn) is a collective of politically committed people with the aim of questioning the prevailing ideas of gender from a queer intersectional perspective of Color. DEMASK organizes events by and for qt*i*BI*PoC in and around Cologne to promote the discussion of (black) feminist and postcolonial theories.




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