ERROR Proyecto, History of Exhibiting / History of Hiding

10.12.2022 – 15.01.2023

Nina Fiocco & Oscar Formacio
History of Exhibiting / History of hiding

The workshop and lecture program “History of exhibiting / history of hiding” proposes a three day collective reflection in the field of art, history and a few micro-histories, oscillating between the concept of discovering, organizing and showing, and the value and concept of hiding as a political possibility and as a resistance tool for post-colonial strategies.

The workshop will explore several examples from different contexts particularly from Mexico (Oscar’s country) and Italy (Nina’s country). The workshop will start from the collective review of materials proposed by Error and will continue with a series of activities of conversation, ar- tistic exercise, case of study connected to the participants’ backgrounds, and will conclude with a collective installation and performative lecture.

We are warmly inviting artists and art students from the area to take part in this workshop with Nina and Oscar, to share knowledge and learn and take part. Please write an email to



10. December Lecture by Nina Fiocco & Oscar Formacio
12. – 14. December Artist-Workshop
15. December – 15. January Project Presentation


ERROR is an artist-run space and workshop for research, individual and collective production, dialogue and exhibition of artists’ works, processes and practices in Mexico. It is currently co-directed by Nina Fiocco (Feltre, Italy, 1985) and Oscar Formacio (Cholula, Mexico, 1989). Nina and Oscar are both artists and they often work together, specially using the media of par- ticipatory art, installations and performative lecture. As well, since 2017 Error has produced and organized projects of different nature, residencies for more than forty artists coming from different cities in Mexico and countries of the American continent and Europe.

Error has organized more than eighty public meetings for discussion, presentation, exchange of knowledge. Currently, with the support of the Universidad Ibero and the sponsorship of Fun- dación Jumex and PAC, it is producing the cycle “Cauces. A curatorship in movement”, analyz- ing the theme of water at a historical, ecological and cultural level in the urban area of Pueb- la-Cholula and in a national perspective. Error is also working to the project “Sister Tongues” supported by IIC and to the exhibition “Working Tongues” in 12-14 in Vienna (AU). In 2020-21 she has produced the curatorial project Escucharlacalle, sponsored by Fundación Jumex. Since 2018, ERROR together with La Verdi CDMX (a contemporary art space), has hosted the IMÁN program, coordinated by Nina Fiocco and Ana Gallardo. Since 2020, ERROR has also been experimenting with the book format, producing dialogues and exchanges on paper. ERROR has collaborated with numerous institutions and organizations at national and international level including FISL (Monterrey, MX), MUME (Vienna, AU), Larada (Locarno, CH), Interzona (Verona, IT).


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