Galina Kruzhilina: SHOPLIFT (Resident)


Galina Kruzhilina (RU) is an artist, graphic designer, co-founder of Shoplift design studio and a researcher. She believes that art and culture has the power to influence social and political context and her graphic work raises issues of identity, freedom and equality. She envisions her work conceptually as an artist but executes it within the material practices of graphic design. It’s important for her to aesthetically engender notions of reality and its manifestations. All her graphic works are an attempt to use vector graphics as a non-digital tool. For her, posters are impressionist paintings where layers of information multiply and overlap, creating clear, sharp, concrete yet vague images.

Galina gained a MA degree from University of the Arts Bremen in 2018 and also have a diploma in graphic design from Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. She was a participant of several art residencies: Spinning Triangles (Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, 2019), Uncapitals (Onega, Russia, 2017), Graphic Art Residency (Belgrade, 2016). Galina had a private show of her graphic works at MONO gallery (Rotterdam, NL, 2019) and took part in group exhibitions like Inversia Festival (The Murmansk Regional Art Museum, Murmansk, RU, 2022), Transparencies (Feldfünf gallerie, Berlin, 2019) and others.

Funded by:
Kulturamt Stadt Köln