Gossips and Noises (Residents)


29.9. – 16.10.2022

Imperialist projects, authoritarian regimes, colonial legacies, warfare, policies of exclusion affect our personal and collective bodies displacing and reconfiguring them. Gossips, stories and noises remap post-socialist grammar and the realities it has created.

Within the entanglement of current urgencies and catastrophes we strive to reflect the underlying conflicts in the social, economic and political relations, meet and share the thoughts and experiences from our perspectives, find ways to talk about it outside dictated narratives and reflect on the past, present and possible futures.

The participants of the exhibition sew in one project the problematics and contradictions from a number of territories of post-soviet area. How is it possible to think about it in the current light of events? These questions often stay invisible and marginalized in those same territories or stereotyped and reduced outside of them. Puzzle of contexts and personal stories of artists from Moldova, Armenia, Transnistriai, Belarus and Russia develop in the space of the exhibition like a stitched cover.

The artists address micro-relations, labor, body and rhetoric across geographies and political struggles. In their works they elaborate on such topics as apathy and political disability, imperialist dreams and colonial thinking, precarious labor and migration, state violence and resistance. Collective traumas, memory, public landscapes, living bodies and statistics, organic diagrams  encompass some other questions in the exhibition.

How to enable other visions, organizing, solidarity beyond physical and symbolic boundaries? How are we able to design our desires and reconfigure our bodies in the tension of the big narratives?

Polina Korovina, Tatsiana Licheuskaya, Mary Mikaelyan, Anastasia Osoianu, Julia Vergazova, Nikolay Ulyanov

Funded by:
Kulturramt Stadt Köln