NOW YOU SEE ME MORIA, We Are Each Other´s Keepers


30 May – 12 June 2022

Now you See Me Moria is an art project launched in 2020 as an Instagram account by Spanish photographer Noemí together with Amir H.Z., an Afghan refugee, Qutaiba from Syria and Ali from Afghanistan, who live in the Moria camp on Lesvos/Greece. The project shares photos directly from the camp and creates publicity through the distribution of international poster campaigns. The posters shown can be taken on site for a donation to the project.

Moria is the largest refugee camp in Europe and is located on the island of Lesbos in Greece. Since it began in 2015, living conditions in the camp have become inhumane, partly due to extreme overcrowding. Moria was designed for 3000 people, but housed up to 20,000 people at its peak last summer. In September 2020, a fire destroyed the camp, forcing about 7000 people to move to a new camp. In the new camp, better known as Moria 2, conditions have deteriorated dramatically and human rights are violated on a daily basis. Journalists and photographers are not allowed to enter the new camp and NGO workers are instructed not to take photos: The visibility of the camp in the international media has thus dropped to almost zero.

In January 2021, the collective called for an action to raise public awareness of Moria. Designers from all over the world were invited to create posters based on photos taken in the camps. The response was overwhelming: almost 500 graphic designers answered Love for Moria’s call for human rights. The posters were made available through the website Now You See Me Moria and people were encouraged to download and print them to hang in their windows, on balconies, in schools, universities, cultural institutions and on the street.

Support for Now You See Me Moria has grown steadily since its inception. Currently they are implementing the campaign NOW or never! Stand up for the Afghan community as well as a poster campaign to raise the voice for women from Afghanistan.

Participants: Noemí, Amir, Ali, Bas, Mostafa, Qutaeba, Raoul and others.


Image: Poster campaign ‘NOW or never! Stand up for the Afghan community’, artist: Miryam Bat Muhammad (@miryambatmuhammad)