Paula Pedraza, TACTO: Traces of the future

The Mental Health Narrative

TACTO is a LARP, performative installation and research on intimate care practices, within the imaginaries and experiences from hospitalarian labor practices and the set of mind of cosplay culture.

This project aims to bring immersion of the individual in the practices of hospitality, as well as the politics of care and touch, form the basis of a role-playing strategy, working as a normalizer and pushing back the individual in a sudden reminder of self-care. 

TACTO makes use of the daily practices of nurses, doctors, and patients in their care ecology and in relation to the automatization of care by the implementation of new technology. The power of social roles and the architecture of the identity are used as therapeutic tools and inscribed on cultural practices, being the way we care part of what defines oneself.  

TACTO encounters and socially dives between fictional states of identity, that meet the reality of care/ caring. Both, social roles and the cosplay culture use narratives inscribed in individuals as a form to create bonds and deep communitarian practice.

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