TERRARISTA TV, fury∫rave∫theory

30 April – 22 May 2022
Opening: 29 April 2022 – 7 p.m.

TERRARISTA TV emerged as a result of the pandemic and experiments with livestreams as a format for a time-based exhibition practice. Initially based in the Virtual Realities class at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, it now consists of enthusiasts from club music, visual arts, video collage, 3D and digital art, illustration, curation, activism and self-organisation, and theory.

With a predominantly digital presence, drawing on tools such as Twitch, Discord and Instagram, TERRARISTA TV focuses on networking communities outside institutional hierarchies. In our collaborative practice, we organise, host and curate livestream events: formed through collaboration with accomplices, we interweave their films, video works, performances and online workshops with curatorial frameworks we produce to compose audiovisual worlds.

TERRARISTA TV is currently working on the former colonial archive in Witzenhausen with colonial memories, bottomlessness, decay ∫ archives, earth, temporalities, historical rhetoric, and will open auditory inventory drawers in the municipality of Cologne: How can curatorial frames work as curated forms?

Melina Becker, Konstantin Frey, Paula Godínez, Elisa Hempel, Alejandra Montoya, Juca, Jolanda Obleser, Aisling Phelan, Esther Poppe, Kerstin Rupprecht, Andara Shastika, Niko Solorio, Spiders, Raffael Tobias Streicher, Christian L’Octopien


When visiting the exhibition, please pay attention to the applicable hygiene rules at the venue. Due to the spatial conditions, participation in the opening is only possible in compliance with hygiene rule 2G+ (with negative test result not older than 12 hours). 

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