Unwrapping and linking: meetings around the Post-Soviet


Artists, thinkers, migrants, working-class, queers, students, and feminists are taking up Gemeinde residency at Ebertplatz for the whole of July for the meeting, reading, and discussing issues related to post-socialist conditions, post-Soviet space, imperialism, wars, power of the visual, nationalism, (neo)liberalism. The participants have come together and self-organized for the last month around a reading group.

We are going to meet each other at Ebertplatz to read, eat, watch movies, listen to each other, think, sing together, and share perspectives and experiences. During one month we will be opening up the space to those who would want to join in this ongoing process of getting to know each other, conversations, spontaneous collective creation, and sharing.

Participants: Tatsiana Licheuskaya, Polina Korovina, Julia Vergazova, Nikolay Ulyanov, Inna Lipovets, Mary Mikaelyan, Kris Bublevskaya, Guram Geguchadze

Funded by:

Kulturramt Stadt Köln