About us

About us

Gemeinde Köln is a project space for a pluralistic and inclusive program that focuses on collaborative approaches to cultural production, both within and outside its locality. We work with the local community and regional groups to implement specific projects in partnership with artists and to build long-term relationships. We try to provide a space for people from different backgrounds, abilities and all ages.

The space hosts exhibitions, discussions, workshops and performances.

Artistic director

Maria Wildeis


Gemeinde Köln is a project of Brunnen e.V. Brunnen e.V. is an association of the art spaces and members of the Ebertplatzpassage in Cologne and is one of the important interlocutors with regard to the cultural use of the square until the reconstruction in the course of the master plan. Since 2013, the aim of Brunnen e.V. has been to continue to establish Ebertplatz as a nationally and internationally renowned meeting place for the art scene and to further strengthen its structure together with a motivated community. The project spaces Bruch & Dallas, GOLD + BETON, Gemeinde Köln and LABOR show regular exhibitions and performances of professional artists and participate in cooperations and festivals.

Gemeinde Köln was established in June 2018 in cooperation between Tiefgarage Ebertplatz (Maria Wildeis) and the Institut für alles Mögliche from Berlin and Leipzig (Stefan Riebel).

Brunnen e.V.
Unser Ebertplatz
AIC–Kunstiniativen in Köln

Programme funding
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln
NRW Kultursekretariat
Kunststiftung NRW

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