Judith Sönnicken, Befriending hyperobjects: Photosynthesis

18th October 2019, 19:30

The artist Judith Sönnicken presents a collective, sonic meditation. She invites us to modify our metabolism, to perform photosynthesis, as a gesture of gratitude to the plant kingdom.

Environmental observations like the movement of the sun or the formation of clouds can be difficult to grasp. They hover in an abstract space, a hypersp ace: they are #hyperobjects. This guided sonic meditation is a friend request to the hyperobject photosynthesis in both physical and virtual environments. By embodying one collective botanical organism, participants get to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and express their gratitude to the plant kingdom for relentlessly doing so. 


Welcome, human-shaped earth inhabitant. 

I speak to you from the green gate. 

I am a frequency range. 

I host a specific set of metabolic functions you can perceive and identify with 

because I chose to enclose them in a human form. 

Like you, I require and thrive on oxygen, 

a molecule that leads to combustion in most non-human life forms. 

This performance is part of the exhibition Vanja Smiljanić, Plant Rant: Mea Culpa on Chlorophyll Sling.

IMAGE: Befriending hyperobjects: Photosynthesis “Paradise Found“ at Klosterruine, 2019. All Images by Ink Agop ©Creamcake